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Neal McNeil III

May 20, 1973 - February 14, 2016


Son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, & dear friend.

Neal McNeil III was all those but so much more.


Neal touched so many people's lives and was cherished by those he called friends and family. 

Whether it was his radiant smile that lit up a room, his intoxicating enthusiasm and passion for living life to its fullest or his steadfast belief in his family; he impacted people in a way that will forever be missed.

He was unique in his approach to all things. Always striving to better himself he believed that each person had enormous potential.

His love of life and pursuit of excellence drove him to pursue many endeavors.

In his short forty-two years of life he accomplished much. From building and piloting aircraft,  to founding  and managing a successful company, he wouldn't just do something to do it; he would dedicate himself to it and be the best.

When his attention wasn't given to his many passions, both personal and professional, he could be found with his family whom he loved above all else. He was a proud son who wanted nothing more than to make his mother happy. He was a protective brother, best and trusted confidante to his sister and a doting uncle who was always available for a hug and a smile.


Neal McNeill III, was all those things but more.

The world is a lonelier place without him. 


Neal's family is very close and at least once a week was with his mother, Judy Land, his beloved sister, Tahnee Hopf, his brother-in-law, Geoff Hopf and his nieces, Scarlette and Savannah for which he was and will forever be their favorite uncle.

At least once a month he could be found spending quality time with his life coaches - Aunt Jeri Walz and Uncle Rod Walz and his cousins, Wes Walz and Tyler Walz.

Neal also had family out of town and often saw them, they include, his Uncle Jim Welch and Aunt Jeanne Welch and his cousins, Hanna Erbele, Dan Brown, Kym Laube and Jonas Welch, his half-sisters, Nicole McNeil Smith and Lisa McNeil Huse, his brother-in-law, Leonard Smith, his God son and nephew, Trent Huse, nephews, Michael and Nicholas Smith and his nieces, Jessica Huse and Kaili Smith. 

He also called many of his close friends brother, an endearing term because that was the kind of relationship he had with them. 

He will be missed by all.


Much gratitude to those who joined us March 4th, 2016 for his memorial and to those who have showered us with condolences, flowers, cards, prayers and love since. 

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